Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crisis Data coming to Condo/HOAs via CERT?

If you have not heard of Crisis Data then you are already behind the curve on how Incendent managment is now being sturctured and hopefully this blog will peak your interests and get you digging into the how Emergency Professional are now responsidng to major crisis like GulfOlil, Haiti & Pakistan and to ones in your 4 unit condo or 5000 home community.

The major players in the emergency response world from FEMA to Redcross have all been involved in a collective effort to use socialmedia and cloud based services for incident response, now planning and soon trainning for all hazards ~ with all the modern tools that are at our disposal.

The ICA believes that it is imperative that Common Interest Communities get involved in the discussion with their local governments on the EOP, Emergency Operations Plan, because we know that CIC are the lastmile in this equation and for the most part they have been shut out of the whole process.

So Condominums, Cooperatives, Single Family & Townshouse Associations if you didnt know that last month was National Prevention Month and that your community was being encourged to talk about what we need to do as a nation and as a community to prepare, train, respond and review all hazards in your Condo, Coop or Hoa then we need to get moving.

Here is a shot example of what crisis data starts off as. 

to learn more about please visit crisisdata.us

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome Community Cert

Sure CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team, 

We know our program director Nelson Jacobsen was one of the first CERT's outside of California to be trained in CERT and he particapted in the very first series of Train the Trainer classes given by FEMA that brought citizens like Nelson into the Natioanl Incendent Response Plan and now we are going to be bringing this to the Common Interest Communities in your neighborhood. 

We will be working with exisitng CERT programs and helping to establish them in Condo's Coops and Homeowners Associations all across the USA.  If your interested in learning more about how CERT and our Community Cert program this blog if the one you want to bookmark and visit often.